Size Smart

We have often had people ask, 'why cant we consistently get a smaller sized banana?' They say they love the ones that fit neatly in a lunch box, a good single serve size for most of us without being too big and filling. 

Well the real answer to this is that smaller bananas are not all that easy to produce - in the warm tropical climate bananas love the conditions and just love to grow big. So we have altered our growing practices to produce the perfect size bananas you find in your Smart Banana pack. Click on the video to find out more!

How are Smart Bananas Size Smart?

With the Smart Banana we have altered our growing practices over many years to produce a higher percentage of this sought after banana. From the land we chose to grow on and the careful monitoring of the environment and growing practices right through to pruning the bunch and ensuring the maximum sweetness as the fruit matures.

Why are Smart Bananas Size Smart?

We conducted some research of consumers and found that 32% of Australian prefer this size banana and yet over half of them said that they often could not find them. So that's why our family went about developing the smart banana - not just smart in size but in many other areas that we are sure you will appreciate.