Is the Plastic Packaging Environmentally Smart?

The simple answer is – Yes! it actually is environmentally smart!

1. Smart Bananas use significantly less plastic
Bananas in Australia are all transported with plastic packaging in fact all over the world bananas are heavily reliant on plastic packaging to protect them in transit from farms to stores and then from stores to home. Bananas have a fragile skin that marks easily as you will no doubt have experienced so when bananas are packed on farm there is a large plastic liner like a large bag placed in the carton to ensure that the fruit does not touch the cardboard sides or lid as this will cause bad skin damage in transit. As the carton is filled there sheets of plastic placed in-between the layers of fruit again to reduce fruit rub and skin damage

When traditional bananas reach the fruit shop they are removed from the carton and displayed without the plastic, hence looking more natural, but when it comes for people to buy them over 89%* of purchasers place them in a plastic bag to transport them home

So although it appears Smart Bananas use more plastic in fact they use a fair bit less – we select the fruit on farm ensuring it’s all great, we then seal them in their own special environment where they remain right through the supply chain till you get them home. There is no need for traditional carton liners, the extra plastic sheets or another bag to put them in to take them home so the environment is much better off.

2. Smart Bananas have less waste (reduced by 95.7%), meaning less environmental impact
As bananas are fragile and the skin marks so easily they have a high percentage of waste meaning that after they leave the farm traditional bananas get damaged in transport and at the store and are thrown out as they don’t look so good and people just won’t buy them

Retailers tell us that they have waste between 7% and 13% of all traditional bananas they buy due to them being damaged and marked and unsalable

As we pack Smart Bananas in tight pack it stops them rubbing in transport or at store when they are loaded onto the shelf. As they are enclosed in their own environment they are not picked over and damaged at retail meaning you get a much better bananas to take home and enjoy

Smart Bananas have less than 0.3% waste at retail meaning that there is a greater than a 95.7 % decrease in waste – simply put that means that we are not wasting resources packing, transporting, cooling and storing Smart Bananas that will just be thrown out anyway

You will also find that Smart Bananas by being packed in their own environment on farm and not opened till you take them home will actually last longer at home without spoiling, again less waste of resources and your own money.

3. As we have highlighted in other sections of the Website MacKays Smart Bananas are grown with a strong commitment to minimising our impact on the environment. When it comes to our plastic wrap we are focused on finding a plastic which is 100% recyclable while still presenting a sweeter, tastier banana to our consumers - we hope to have this soon.

* primary data collected from a multi site, multi retailer sample