Kid Smart

Smart Bananas are super sweet and taste great. They are ideally presented in nature's clean, hygienic and biodegradable pack, as well as supplying essential nutrients for growing kids all through the varying stages of life.

Being so consistently 'Size Smart' means they fit perfectly in a lunch box and are not too large to be eaten in one sitting. Although over 80% of Smart Bananas are just peeled and eaten fresh, we have included some fun and delicious recipes at Enjoying Smart.


Energy is vital for the growth of a developing baby. The total extra energy a pregnant woman needs in the second half of pregnancy is around 1500kJ per day. Just 2 Smart Bananas will give you 750kJ or ½ of that energy. And the great news is that those 2 Smart Bananas provide energy in a fat-free form, so they’ll also help you stay in shape.


By 6 months, babies are ready to begin solids. Smart Bananas, with the soft texture and natural sweetness that babies love, are an ideal first food as they also come packed with 7 essential vitamins and minerals in their freshest, most natural form. See the nutritional panel.


Weight for weight, a toddler’s energy requirements are 2-3 times that of an adult. The developing brain especially requires lots of glucose, in the form of carbohydrates, for energy. A Smart Banana contains roughly double the fat-free carbohydrate of nearly every other fruit.


By the age of 5, children rely on snacks for up to half of their energy intake. Bananas, packed with carbohydrates, are the ideal fuel source for keeping children’s minds and bodies active. By encouraging your child to snack on the sweet taste of Smart Bananas, you’re also establishing lifelong healthy eating habits.


For hard working, active students, bananas are the perfect snack food. They are also a great source of folate with about 5% RDI in one Smart Banana – especially ideal for young, growing women. With no fat and as much fibre in one as 2 slices of wholemeal bread, they are filling, and with complex carbohydrates, B group vitamins, potassium and vitamin C they help to develop brain cells in this important phase of life.