Environmentally Smart

We grow Smart Bananas in a beautiful part of the world and so it is a family passion to reduce any detrimental impact that we could have on this part of the world.

Hi, I’m Daniel. Come with me through some of the practices we have implemented over the last 65 years to farm in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner in this beautiful part of the world where we are.

One of the major questions for the environment is, what impact do we have on the waterways that go through our properties including the Tully River and feed into the Great Barrier Reef? We have chosen to monitor these rivers in conjunction with accredited government bodies and have been praised for not creating an adverse impact.

To manage the growth of Smart Bananas we have developed advanced protocols and timings on all plant supplements to ensure that nothing is used that is not required, and that all volumes are immediately taken up by the plant and not oversupplied where there will be run off and leaching back into the environment.

Smart Bananas are grown with the industry's lowest 'inputs to kilograms of fruit produced' ratio, meaning that we have established complex but the most sustainable growing practices in Australia.

Prior to Smart Bananas leaving our farms we seal the fruit in packaging that ensures your pack of bananas travels in its own sealed perfect environment to you. This provides sustainable practices that are unique in our industry, as well as presenting the best Smart Banana every time.

I have had people ask "Wouldn’t it be better to not use plastic packaging and protect the environment?" This is a good question and we have performed multiple trials on this. In fact Smart Bananas use less plastic packaging than other bananas sold loose at your store or supermarket. Their reduced impact on the environment in multiple other areas make them actually a friendly and much more sustainable product, by leaving a smaller footprint on the planet than other bananas. In saying this, our family is committed to a sustainable earth and we continue to look for better processes to implement, including compostable plastics etc.

Thanks for taking a look around. Our family appreciates your interest in our beautiful environment.