The original superfood for energy

The Smart Banana has sports people singing its praises as a good source of energy. Bananas contain many of the vitamins and minerals we need every day to maintain good health. In fact one ripe Smart Banana, the size in your pack, will provide you with 21g of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate is the preferred food for muscle activity. A high carbohydrate meal creates the optimal condition for muscle glycogen synthesis, which is the most efficient source of energy for the contracting muscle.

Food that is high in carbohydrate is the best choice before sport. These foods are needed to top up the natural fuel used by muscles in sport. When a muscle is used it burns glucose that has been released from the muscle ‘petrol tank’ called glycogen, which is made from the carbohydrate found in food. If meals are low in carbohydrate, the muscles get low in glycogen, and you will run out of energy before the end of sport.

Smart Bananas, being a low glycaemic index (GI) food GI = 51, give that slow release of energy into the blood during exercise that sports people are looking for. Smart Bananas are also ideal as a quick, on hand, nutritious, delicious, carbohydrate snack immediately after exercise to start the recovery process.

3 Smart Bananas, with their potent mixture of three natural sugars and fibre can, depending on your intensity level, provide enough energy to keep you going for up to 90 minutes ... Now that’s a Super Food for Energy!

It is recommended that you consider your personal circumstances with a qualified health professional!