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Fresh Bananas in the Central Business District

Bananas are nature’s perfect snack for long-lasting energy and a great brain food. They are filling and have zero fat making them both tasty and guilt free. Tens of thousands of lunch boxes go to school with a banana in every day because we want the best for our young ones. But considering the vast numbers that work in our major cities buying fresh bananas is much harder than hundreds of other snacks.

Introducing The Banana Bar

Australia’s First Smart Banana

We package the SmartBananas in a special film on our farms in Tully North Queensland – each pack creates its own micro climate meaning they ripen sweeter and will last longer in a perfect condition to eat.

3 and 5 packs allow your SmartBananas to last a few days if you choose. Keep them at room temperature and because of the way we slowly grow and ripen them they should last 3 – 5 days, fresh bananas last best at 12°C.

Look around the site to learn more about the SmartBanana and please leave feedback.

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